Birthday art for Nanodarkk.

oh i missed these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baroquemoon:

Birthday art for Nanodarkk.

oh i missed these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Birthday art for Nanodarkk.

oh i missed these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


( x )


Best bday weekend ever. Thanks for all the wishes!!!

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QuestionHappy Birthday, man! Answer



Happy birthday, JerkFace ft. Mia

Pete’s birthday isnt until tomorrow but I’ll be working all day grr


all i want is a bday cake cause i didn’t even get that last year :/

also a used 3Ds and preorder smash bros so i can smash everyone *~*

QuestionWhat sorts of special abilities do Embers have? Answer

I started out by giving them all the ability to turn into dragons but then I scrapped that and decided to approach them individually.

I gave Mia the ability to manipulate gravity simply by touching things with her hands or feet. Of course her sister can do the same.

She can control the polarity of objects momentarily so imagine her fighting someone by touching their limbs, maybe matching them up with her own and then making them beat the shit out of themselves. It’s a win because she doesn’t like hurting people in the first place so why not make them do it themselves? lol

Nano was once human but was curse and transformed into a half ember beast thingy. All I know about her is, she is strong as fuck, can eat just about anything, spit fire blah blah blah idk what else. The bead on her tail have retractable spikes for like no reason. I designed her to be a dangerous beast type character who has all these weird and bizzare abilities.

Elizabeth can manipulate fire or whatever wow how boring. I may change this, not sure what I can do with her. 

Juno’s book gives her magical powers like levitation, spell shields, healing, immortality, all that boring stereotypical mage stuff.

Embers aren’t even that special at all, you could give all these abilities to anyone. The flames are there for like no reason, all they do is change shapes based on their emotions. The colors do have meaning though.Red, yellow blue are the primary colors. They are pure blood, y’know specific bloodlines n shit. If you mix these colors with each other, you get different colors. Also they match their eye colors and some of them don’t have pupils for no reason.

im so bad at writing ;w;


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QuestionNano drools allot, does it have any weird properties? Would it melt my skin or make me dead? Also, why does Nano drool allot? Is she constantly smelling something delicious? Answer

Well, she’s supposed to be this fucked up beast thing that can do all sorts of shit so I wound’t be surprised if she could spit acid. I do know for a fact that she can blow fireballs tho.

QuestionI don't trust Mia - Mr C.D. Answer

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A simpler commission info sheet. I really need cash to help my folks pay off my school, so any help is appreciated. (More info here)

Status on NSFW content: Nudity or suggestiveness is fine. Explicit sexual imagery isn’t.

Shoot me an email or fan mail if interested. Send cash through paypal at

Still doing commissions, by the way!

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my dumb embers

my dumb embers