..Gotta say, it was very inconvenient for my nsfw blog to be terminated because it was like the only income i had lmao SO

I will be opening up commissions again and yes I will also be doing NSFW as well but I probably won’t be able to post because I won’t reveals my new nsfw blog just yet.

$15 sketches +plus  (+$5 flat colors/$10 for shaded colors) anyone?  





e-mail/paypal is 

Contact me here or on that email!!

does anyone remember Veronica?

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QuestionWhy is Mia so happy? Does she not know of the suffering she is causing and the social injustice she is promoting? Answer

maybe she does

stoicsilence replied to your photo “Mia in a special kigurumi. Let’s hope that’s not real fur…”

she already has fur what a privileged jerk

lmfao mia is a shit head 

Mia in a special kigurumi. Let’s hope that’s not real fur…

stoicsilence replied to your post: where the fuck is my Kirby Air Ride re…


we cant be friends

where the fuck is my Kirby Air Ride remake

Time for a mystery midnight snack. I wonder what it could be?????????

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QuestionI just want to hug Juno and make her feel less fucking depressed and miserable, cause her life is suffering. Answer

do it

Kiriban prize on DA~

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Questionthats great now draw them lezzing out Answer

with herself???

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QuestionSo if she wasn't a Goat-fire-dog thing what would she be? Answer

She’s half Ember which is a made up species. She does have a human form see looky

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QuestionSo if Nano wasn't a... Wolf cat thing what would she be? A Giraffe? A Donkey? A Frog? A Shrimp? A Giraffe Frog Hybrid? A donkey Shr- no wait that's a Sea Horse kind of. Answer

She’s more of a stereotypical horned beast thing.